Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Term 1

I am at a multistructural level because I can identify beat in many contexts. 
My next step is to identity beat in many contexts and I understand the concentration. 
I enjoyed the concentration game but I didn't understand it at first. 
And I love how we played the concentration. 

We went to camp in term 1 it was the most scariest camp it got me out of my comfort zone. At camp I enjoyed doing Bear Grylls and going to the hot pools. My struggle was going Mountain biking because I had not gone on a bike before. 

I also went to Danks with Trudi and she has helped me with understanding English . My struggle with Danks was understanding the key competency skills.
I enjoyed term 1 because I got to learned everybody's name’s and I have new friends 

My challenges for term 1 was going to camp because it got me out of my comfort zone but I got there in the end 

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