Monday, 20 June 2016

Spot light at camp

My 1st  time playing Spot light 
Has anyone said you can't do something, but you prove them wrong? 
Vanessa had my back when I run to the other trees and then I help her to the other trees.

 People said I would not  be good because I had not played. 
People hiding behind trees. 
People's knees pouring with blood .
It might have been cold but it was fun . 

People tripping over the tree stumps.
Adults making it hard for us.
Exciting in the dark, fun. 
The bright light shines on my eyes.
People getting dangerously hurt. 
It was my first time playing spot light.
I enjoy playing with the class.
I loved to run in the dark. 
And that was my experience with Spot light .
I am glad I did the spot light writing because I did not want to have everyone knowing my bad experience with tree climbing .
By Sharnika Dawson .

If i were to improve on my writing it would be writing to make more exciting words.
I am proud of my writing because at the start of the year I did not want to write 
I now like writing because I have a great imagination 

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  1. Hi Sharnika. I enjoyed reading your writing about playing spotlight at camp. It made me remember playing it myself when I went on camp to Hanmer back when I was a lot younger! I loved the way you wrote about how you like writing now even though at the start of the year you didn't. How cool to discover that. I hope you continue to enjoy writing and sharing it on your blog. From Mrs O