Thursday, 8 September 2016

My Speech

Did you know that we're the 8th happiest country in the world .

But that means we're not the best In the world .

People bully people because they're jealous or for no good reasons at all.

Adults just don't care and say suck it up.

Let me tell you a little story. Parents say that you have to go to bed I'm talking 8pm or 9pm.  You think you should stay up until 11 or 12ish  on a Saturday night because it’s the weekend and there is no school tomorrow.  But...NO.
Too Late says mum or dad,  you won't get up, or I don't stay up that long,( when they really 
do.)  Come on we are the party nation of the world.  We should be allowed to go to bed when we want in the weekend because that is going to contribute to our happiness.

We need to be happy NZ came on people 

Something good to remember is treat people the way you wanted to be treated .

       My cousin told me a little story 
Imagine this...
waking up so early for rugby trials, and you show up and the boys treat you like rubbish when the adults aren't looking. They say you don't belong  here.  Instead of being mean I said “you get your team,I get my team”, because I wanted them to know We were here to play rugby.   We show up on Sunday at Hagley Park. The boys asked what grade. I say A .I said what grade are you he said  A. 
So the whistle blew like an elephant's trunk .
We were tying neck to neck with 1:30 minutes remaining
But in the end we win 11 to 12. 
We're still 8 happiness with amazing wins.

You know what, we became very close friends all the teams together to this very day.
Boys, girls ,unicorns you name it .
Don't look at a girl for 7 seconds and say “no she can’t play”. 
What's the point in bullying? Exactly there's no point is there. 
A good saying people say is every time you lie, brings me a little closer to goodbye. Same thing, lies or bullying they are all Mean 
If you make the world a better place. You make the world a better for everyone.


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  1. WOW!!!!!
    I did not know that we were the 8th happy ist country in the world!
    I liked this speech a lot !!!!!!😜😆