Monday, 17 October 2016


A at the beach with Te-manea and my grandad
B baking cupcakes
C coloring in on a book called the secrtegarden
D Dog-sitting for a long time
E eating churros with Leon 
F football playing 
G going to Flip Out
H hitting and wrestling on the trampoline 
I ice block eating 
J juicing a lemon 
K Kit Kat party at my house 
L lemonade making with Te-manea  
M Mega Air jumping 
N nest watching 
O owl drawing 
P playing ps4
Q queen bee book 
R researching about bearded dragons 
S softball watching Papanui team
T tv watching 
U used my money to buy a Fitbit flex 
V volcanos on T.V
W watching a play called the Adams family 
X X-Ray at the after hours 
Y yoga session  
Z zoo fun!
By Liam and Sharnika 

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