Monday, 26 June 2017


I was chucked on in the store and then thrown off and put in a bag 5 minutes after. 
The next day I was put on again and worn to school. 

For the first time I got toothpaste on my beautiful colour. I didn't know what to think at first, but then I thought I'm what she's going to wear everyday to school.
Soon after school, I was thrown off and on the windowsill. 

 She never picked me up that day and she didn’t close the window.
 In the middle of the night I flew out and I was forgotten about.

The next day, a day later, I was found by what looked to be her mum but I'm not sure .
I was put in the wash and put in the dryer and laid out on her bed. 

I was laying there for hours. When she got back from school I was put in the closet and left there for minutes, then hours, then days, then weeks .
I'm still trying to find out what I did wrong, and why she is so upset? I was taken off because of a bad day at school.

She picked me up from the bed and sat down staring at me again but this time it was weird.

 She put me in a box then put me on something and it was going somewhere. 

I was given to a kid about her age. 
I never knew her name.

She was thankful that she had me because her clothes were old and too small now I realise why I was  left and thrown into the closet. 

That is when I found out she didn't buy me for herself she got me for this girl.

By sharnika dawson  

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