Monday, 26 June 2017



At orienteering 
my group split in half boy vs girls and Lucca, I was in the girls side.

I felt joyful,happy and nervous.
I felt joyful because 
I feel free when I walk in the big long tall trees 
I felt happy because all my worries
We're gone 
I was nervous because I did want to get wet and cold.

Orienteering is a type of sport 
because it is a competition against other teams.

I find orienteering fun because I got to use a map and to understand the  symbol and what's behind them.

Here are some things I find out on the internet about orienteering.

Last queen's birthday weekend there was an orienteering competition in North Canterbury. 

Christchurch has 13 permanent orienteering courses spread over four regional parks.

Orienteering is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness. 

Permanent courses are graded so newcomers can start with the easy courses and experienced orienteers can find more challenging ones.
 Bring a compass and wear appropriate shoes and suitable outdoor clothing.

I picked to write about orienteering because that is what was the easiest to explain because it was one of the four activities at camp that I enjoyed the most.

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