Monday, 3 July 2017


Plan for playground  4,7,17

I'm designing a playground to show force with Brooklyn.
We haven't started because we were working so hard on our plan that we didn't get started.
A struggle I'm encountering is getting it started.
An improvement I need to make is starting my model playground because we only have three days until we have to have been done.
My next step is to paint the cardboard with green paint.

What we need 
My steps 
Toilet roll
Hot glue sticks 
Hot glue gun 
Crazy straws 
Popsicle sticks 
Small tire 
Coloured paper 
What we need 
Paint the cardboard 
Make the jungle gym 
Make tire for tire swing 
Make flying fox 
Tree trunk and Leaves for the tree 
Stick jungle gym on the cardboard 
Stick the tire swing on the tree and stick the tree on the cardboard 
Stick flying fox on the cardboard 
Add details with vivid 
Add the decorations
Make spinny thing 
Glue spinny thing on 

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