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Week 8 Gravity 

Gravity makes objects fall which is why gravity is so important so than the cotton ball will land on the ground .Gravity has a lot to do with catapults it has as much as push and pull does Because if we didn't have enough gravity then we would be floating and so would the cotton ball. Gravity pulls things to the centre of the earth which is why things fall.
Push and pull slows things down and makes things go faster or slower than It once did.
Motion is movement and catapults have a lot to do with movement 
Today with science we did a graph on how far the cotton ball will go 
With as many rubber bands were wrapped around the cotton ball.

The green lines show the test with one cotton ball
The red lines show the test with three cotton ball 
The one cotton ball test went further on the 6th test than the cotton ball test with three cotton ball. I think that the cotton ball went further than the the cotton ball with three because if you have too much weight on your catapult then it won’t go as far but if you have just enough weight it will go further than when you have to much weight.

I think that anything has some things to do with gravity such as when you walk it has something to do with gravity because when you walk gravity pulls you down, so it has pull and gravity. Even typing has something to do with gravity because you are pushing the buttons 

I wonder that if we used Graph paper if it would look that much different and maybe if we know where exactly where the cotton ball went then we would have a better graph and it would be a harder challenge.

Week 7
What we did 
Phoebe and I made a golf course 
Out of shapes,wood,phone paper and books 
8 people did our golf course 
Emily got 6 on both times, Sam got 5, Brooklyn got, Sean got 9, Savannah got 4, Megan got 10 , Vanessa got 8 and larissa got 4 on her first time and then she got 7 on her second time 

I had to go to library for a class 9-10 so I wasn't here for that long and I was late to go so I didn't get to make the golf course but I did get to do it 

What I found out 
I found out that if you add too much force you will lose connection of the ball and it won't go where you want it to but if you don't add enough connection it will aso not go where you want it to go 
But if you add just enough forces it will go where you want it to go 

What I wonder 
I wonder why some People could complete it in 4 and why some people complete it in 10 

Week 7 
What i did 
Catapults we had to fire from the same place every time and we had to write it down It down in our book and each time we would have to put on one more rubber band

What I found out
When I got up to the fourth rubber band on the cotton ball it wouldn't go as far as it would with no rubber bands on it 

What I wonder 
I wonder if we use water tape and see if it changes how far it goes 
Of if we do it when there is know whined if it would go faster,slower,further and not as far 

Week 6 
What I did 
phoebe and I did ping pong ramps it was hard to find where to do it 
We used a Roller, chair,tn bucket , books and a pillow 
What I found out
 i found out that if you push it too hard it would go everywhere 
What I wonder 
I wonder that if you change the type of ball if it would go as fast 

Week 5
What I did 
We had the choice of three  activity they were ping pong ramp ,basketball Bounce  and chari pulley.
I chose ping pong ball because I wanted to find out if the way I made it would change the speed of the ping pong ball.
I use roller x2,books x3 and a tin can X1.
I worked with Phoebe.

What I found out 

Assuming that the experiments are properly "controlled", that is, everything but the ball type is the same, then what is different is how much energy is lost in the ball. Ping-pong balls are very stiff and springy -- they lose only a small fraction of their energy when they bounce on a hard surface. On a soft, squishy surface, the ping-pong ball may bounce less well (but then again, the other balls may bounce less well also). Some surfaces are very complicated, like a mattress. If you drop a ping-pong ball from a meter’s height on a mattress, it will probably lose almost all of its energy in the cloth and padding and not bounce much at all. If you drop a basketball or a heavy steel sphere, then the mattress springs become more important and some energy will be returned to the ball and it will probably bounce higher than the ping-pong ball. But against a hard surface, ping-pong balls do very well (and if the surface is very hard and solid, the steel sphere might do even better, if it doesn’t chip or break the surface first, as it might if the surface is made of concrete or tile). 
I got this off a website 
In my words 
the small amount of air creates energy and speed 
Throw the small ping pong ball 

Science blog
 Week 4

I have designed  rocket balloons and catapults 

I found out that that if you use less tape and more rubber bands your cotton ball will go further, and if you blow air into the balloon and let it go that would make the balloon goes up the string 

I wonder if the catapult was made with more materials would it go a different speed of length and would the balloon go faster or slower if the wind picked up 

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