Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Part 1 of mr speech

Well the February earthquakes in 2011 were different for everybody……. but I was going to Australia, I was excited,happy and nervous.

You're probably thinking why were you nervous, well I was nervous because when I was little I would watch movies of planes catching on fire and exploding, and me being that kid I was, I thought that the plane we went on was going on explode into 100,000 little pieces.

Ok this is how it started. We were in a dark red van with everyone going to Australia crammed in the back of the van and let's just say it was very cramped.

Then we arrived at the airport, it took us so long to find a park, it was not funny. Anyway we ended up getting a park. We had to use three of those cart things that you put your bags and suitcases on and again, me being that kid I was, I got my cousin to stop and I sat on all the bags and you know what happened... well I fell off and grazed my legs and they started to bleed. Luckily it wasn't too bad……

Then this lady said time to board if you're going to the Gold Coast, “that's us” my mum said. “That's our flight”, so we hopped on the plane and I fell asleep.

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