Monday, 27 November 2017



Who I'm working with 
Jessika and I.

What we need 
Round cardboard bin thing.
Toy cars.
Hot glue.
Hot glue gun.

Who's bringing what 
Round cardboard bin thing-school.
Toy cars-Sharnika.
Hot glue-Jessika.
Hot glue gun-school.

Cut the round cardboard bin thing in haft.
Glue the toys cars around the round cardboard bin thing.
Spray paint the outside of them both.
Put the soil in.
Last but not least put in the flowers.

Found art is when you use something that you or other people have around the house.

Trying again

At first I made this 

But somebody took it so I had to start again and I was almost done I had to make a new one lucky it looked the
same but all the time I put in it and when it was done I thought and I thought and then I thought one and a half weeks left I can do something better and I did.

I'm so glad that I thought and I thought and I did something way better.

Something I enjoyed was getting it done and I don't mean to say that just because I have nothing else to say but I'm glad that I got it done because I only had one week and a half and to have that finished product in the amount of time is so amazing.

Something I would change is to have a different plan to Jessika because they turned out very different and what we used was very different is well, for an example I spray painted mine and Jessika painted hers 

If there was someone I would do better it would be it look for more green paper because I didn't have enough green paper for the whole thing so I had to compromise and use what I had at the time 

Fly on the wall 
Larrisa,Jessika and I went to the Afternoon Programme and we took some photos

They were making with music in there space with things they could find around them just like most of us did.

Calendar Art 
It was a normal school day and all of a sudden Kiri just thought she could just come in here a say the we had to do calendar art and us being the kids we are had know choose. Well we did have a choice in what type of Art Calendar we wouldn't to do so we went off and we had to do a plan I decided to do Tie-dye.

What is a moment in time 
A moment in time is when you capture a photo the means  something to you or means something to somebody.

So it all started when we started walking out to the fled with Danielle and she started saying things like be a dog do we would have to be a dog and Alex wasn't taking it seriously so we had to do it in front of room 16/17 and it was not fun and after that we went to room 12 and we had to get in a group of 2 and do something and they had to do what the card that Danielle 

It all started when we sat down after the bell rang and we started getting put into groups I was in the first group with Kate and then all of a sudden started moving w are groups were and I stayed in room 13 and all the other people were gone so we started to talk about music like have you ever played a an instrument and then we started to get into groups of 5 and then we had to go around the class and started finding things the we could use to make music.

Our trip to town 
It all started on the first day of team three.
I was walking it to school when I remembered it was the day we were going to town :) go then I got to school and I put my bag on a hook and I went in sideout to line up at the bus,I was sitting next to Jessika of course.
We ended up getting dropped of at the art museum…..anyway most of our class went and sat on the bull but I didn't so instead my and some of my friends started to talk and that's when Kiri shut your pie holes “she didn't really say that it's just if I say that Kiri said shhh then you would go read someone else so I said pie hole”.......getting back on track we ended up going inside and we sat on the ground and listened to the people talk about all the things we could do and couldn’t do.  One thing we couldn’t do was walk on the right side of the staircase so anyway we walked around and looked at all the cool art and then we left. Something I enjoyed was looking at art the from around the world. Then we walk to the Margaret Mahy playground and something I enjoyed was playing hide and seek with most of the class.then we had lunch and we went for another play and we played and we played and then Kiri blew on her whistle and we all came running to her then we went into our groups and we walked around and looked at art on the streets. I really enjoyed just walking around we were hiding to the dance mat we Magen saw the love of her life a rock, and she took it with her and then that’s went Danielle said to put it back    and she was devastated…...anyway we went to the mat.

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