Monday, 27 November 2017

Hide and seek

Hide and Seek 
1234… he started counting we all ran down stairs so we could get the best spots in the house.

 But I went outside yes I went where know living soul should go but I came out alive.

This is how it started it was a Friday night when I decided that I’m going to be the one that goes out of bounds. 

Because there’s alway someone that go to dead man's soul, I open the sliding door to go outside and that’s when it hit me. 

That he had been counting for over 30 seconds. I jumped into a bush and sat there for years!!! It was like 5 minutes but and then he says I know you're in the bush.
 He was talking to the wrong bush. I think he thought I was in the bush to the lift but it was just the dog hiding!!!.

When he went inside I moved spots .I went to the bush that the dog was in so then if he came out he wouldn’t look in the bush that the dog was in and even if I moved over a little he would just think it was the dog. 

He gave up and went inside and then it was tea time but I stayed outside in the bush and after tea I went inside and they all looked at me for along time and then everybody in the house said at the same time “where were you ??” I said I was in the bush with a smile….

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